Whisper Horsemanship

Connecting from Within.

Whisper Horsemanship is Committed to Offering You Magical Experiences

Where horses are free to facilitate with their own natural ways of being…

The natural instincts and highly tuned senses of horses enables them to lead authentic, non-judgmental lives. They do this by staying present to the subtle signs and signals that appear each moment in their everyday surroundings. They feel and interpret emotions from those around them, whether it be another herd member, a predatory animal or a fellow human friend, they gauge how to act in the moment and communicate accordingly. Horses are able to share their special gift with us through profound inter-species connection.

Leading by great example, these magnificent animals offer you the chance to develop your empathy and gain a deeper understanding of life.
Feeling a connection with horses can be a truly inspirational experience.

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About Whisper Horsemanship

Amy and her two horses Florrie & Freesia work and play together at their home of Ley Court Farm, which is situated in the scenic village of Minsterworth, in the heart of Gloucestershire countryside.

These wise, gentle, free spirits are amazing teachers and show a true willingness to participate in sessions. They are a small connected herd who’ve left their tricky pasts behind them & now enjoy a peaceful life with their guardian Amy.

Together we invite you to come and enjoy…

  • Equine assisted therapy & Ground work exercises

  • Horse whispering & body language

  • Energy healing & Meditation with horses

  • Personal development facilitated by horses

  • Spiritual & Intuitive communication

  • Personalised, unique and meaningful experiences

Magical Experiences With Whisper Horsemanship

Whisper Horsemanship 1
Whisper Horsemanship 2
Whisper Horsemanship 3

Choosing to see the world
through the eyes of a horse
reconnects you with
the true presence of being

~ Amy Lewis ~

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