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About Amy Lewis & Whisper Horsemanship

I have always been blessed with the company of horses in my life and after experiencing many enchanting moments with them, I began to become present to their wisdom and self mastery. With an ever expanding awareness I knew that I could be with horses in a totally different way. I knew that this was their way. Their language!

From a young age I have always had an affinity with animals, nature and especially horses. Like a lot of people, I always had that yearning wish to find out who I am. And who else better to show me than the ultimate soul mirror; The Horse.

I made it my goal to seek out inspirational, like minded people. People, who could vouch for my previous experiences and help me to get a feel for the language of horses, connect with them, learn and experience more. I wanted this not only for my relationships with my horses, but for my relationship with myself and those close to me also.

I lovingly welcomed transformation into my life from a series of profound moments with my horses. I knew that it was my calling to share with people the true wisdom and empathy of horses. From that I founded “Whisper Horsemanship” in 2011.

The people who gave me inspiration are: Alexander Nevzorov, Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, Caroline Resnick, Linda kohanov, GaWaNi Pony Boy, Mark Rashid and Leanna Milward of Flying with Horses, who I did intensive and advanced training with. But above all, the majestic beauties known as ‘horses’ are the sacred beings who permanently live at the full front of my heart.

Amy connecting with her horse Prophecy


Elan has been a loyal, loving, patient friend and companion of mine for the past 17 years. His calm nature and wisdom have been a great attribute to all of the sessions that he has naturally chosen to involve himself in.

With his warm presence, generous affections and powerful healing energy he can help you to gain confidence and belief in yourself. His great empathy enables him to lovingly demonstrate calm, assertive and consistent leadership. Many have benefited from his example. He offers rewarding connections when he feels that you are truly leading yourself authentically.




I have been blessed with the company of Prophecy for the last 9 years and I believe he is an integral part of the herd. In our time together he has awakened my spiritual senses and taught me so much. Connecting with Prophecy has been a profound experience for many others too.

His fun, light hearted, child like nature provides instant, accurate feedback moment by moment. He recognises limiting life patterns, offers support and encourages you to become clarified. He is generous with affection and friendship, especially when he feels that you are being completely present and true to your heart.



Freesia embodies a powerful presence that is desired by all who meet her. 5 year’s ago, she came into my life through a series of serendipity events that went in my favour. It all just seemed to happen easily, even though realistically at the time, it should of been impossible.

Her unscathed wisdom enables her to look deep into your soul and find your truth. Your conscious and unconscious emotions are her language. She can help to bring you awareness of important emotional congruency and guide you to your truly authentic self. When you are able to leave your analytical head behind and expand into your heart, that is when Freesia can divinely connect with you.


A further thank you for the work yesterday, it was really inspiring and opened my mind when it comes horses. I will certainly take this on and develop my knowledge/experience. I am keeping with the flow of energy to see where this takes me from here and looking forward to expanding my mind even further into therapies. Without force but with thought and direction, the possibilities of what you could do with the horses seems endless. The empathy and understanding you have is amazing.

~ Alistair Mulcaster, Worcestershire ~

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