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Energy Healing Is A Popular Alternative Treatment For Horses

As we know, all physical beings are likely to come across some sort of problem at some point in their lifetime….

Physical symptoms of pain and ill health are a common fact of life but giving Energy Healing to an individual can be a soothing and calming experience for them. It can often assist in the release of tension and blockages which have ended up being held in their energy field. This is usually due to the unfortunate circumstances in where accidents have happened, ill health has occurred or if an animal is suffering from an emotional trauma. Some of the contributing factors of these problems can be triggered by certain types of life style, inadequate living conditions and participating in certain activities.

Energy Healing works by channelling source energy through our bodies and into the body of the animal, whom is a willing participant in need of healing. During a healing session the animal will begin to feel relaxed; they sometimes guide the healer through the healing, by bringing their attention to the areas that they want them to work on and by making the healer aware of the things that they want them to know about.

Whilst channelling Healing Energy, the healer and the recipient may feel mild tingling, vibrations and heat. Healers can also usually pick up on the physical symptoms and the emotional past traumas that that animal is currently dealing with or has experienced at some point in It’s life. On recognising this, clarity can be gained and the healing process has already begun.


Bring Into Your Horse's Life

How Energy Healing Can Benefit You And Your Horse

Amy mainly works with horses, ponies and smaller animals such as cats and dogs, but she has also worked with farm animals like goats and cattle too.
The animal issues that Amy has come across have been both physical and emotional. Which in a lot of cases have ended up developing into behavioural problems and reoccurring stressful situations for both the animal(s) and their carer(s) to have to deal with on a daily basis.

These unresolved problems can end up being held in their aura and stay trapped deep within their physic. This creates those blockages in their energy field which can deplete their vitality, affect their mood and general demeanour as well as have the potential to develop into physical health issues.

By taking it upon herself to learn about healing colours, chakras, the energetic power of crystals, homeopathic remedies and many more, Amy has been lucky enough to whiteness many animals benefit from Energy Healing. Benefits such as; animals seem happier, calmer & more relaxed in themselves after a treatment. Cycles of repetitive behaviour have been broken and symptoms have eased, where in some cases they have gone instantly or within a day or so after.

Staying present helps Amy to be aware of the animal’s signs and signals. She uses her intuition and spirituality to communicate with the animal during the healing session.

She also refined her natural healing abilities by participating in The Metatronic Foundation Course back in 2011. But before that previously over the years Amy regularly offered healings to all animals and humans who needed it and began to notice improvements all round.

Through meditation and regularly practicing tuning in to her higher self, being protected and open to the ever evolving healing energies that come through whilst channelling, she is now pleased to be able to offer this as an alternative treatment for animals.

Amy also believes that it’s a wonderful way to bond with an animal. For them to take comfort, and gain trust in the knowledge that you can either offer them a healing yourself or bring someone in to do it for them, to help them through the tough times. Animals truly are grateful for the acts of love that we show them.

** Please note an Energy Healing session is not a replacement for a professional diagnosis by a qualified Medical Practitioner or Vet

Practising Energy Healing

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Equine Energy Healing 2

I had an amazing session with Amy Charles and the horses and would highly recommend it to anyone. She made me feel very comfortable and talked me through everything that we did! I had great responses from the horses and loved the fresh air!

~ Charlotte, Coleford, Gloucester ~

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