Equine Assisted Therapy

Personal Development With Horses

What is Equine Assisted Therapy?

Equine assisted therapy is a popular field where the gentle, accepting presence of a horse can provide a sacred, safe and healing space for you…

Horses are able to assist in this way because nature gifted them with highly tuned senses that intimately connect them to their environment. They are totally aware of their immediate surroundings and of any changes in emotion that may occur.

For example; the minute you have an intention, before you actually physically act, there is an arousal of emotion that rises within you, and it’s this that horses sense and see as a communication. “Emotion is their Language” Which means they have the ability to assess accordingly, respond and deliver precise communications moment by moment.

These ARE their natural instincts and with them being highly social herd/prey animals; being present, consciousness and aware of subtle, visual and emotional cues from fellow herd members are paramount to their survival in the wild. They “mirror” communications to each other both physically and emotionally, it is taken as information of how to act or be. Horses in domestication still possess this powerful gift.

They are able to lovingly and willingly cross the species barrier and share with us the wisdom that they so powerfully embody.

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Simple exercises are put in place to encourage interactions with the horses. This enhances the opportunity to connect and engage whilst you work together.

You can find yourself in an enlightening place of self reflection, healing, clarity and understanding. Learning to fine tune your intuition, enhance your awareness and sharpen your observation skills can be of great value to you and your journey of personal development.

Therapy with horses has many positive benefits, it can……

  • Deepen your awareness of non verbal communications.

  • Help you to gain an understanding of Body Language.

  • Enhance your observation skills.

  • Help you to trust your Intuition and that gut instinct.

  • Encourage emotional stability.

  • Help you find a sense of purpose and direction

  • Give you valuable tools to use in your everyday life.

  • Help you to gain confidence and self esteem.

  • Inspire creativity.

  • Enlighten you with compassion and empathy

  • Bring clarity on limitations and habitual ways of being.

  • Allow for profound Healing to take place.

When you work with horses they see you as an integral part of the herd, and invite you to a judgement free environment.

Horses naturally practice assertiveness activities for their place in the herd. They have the ability to lead themselves authentically, they actually know no other way! With love and curiosity these values are consistently implemented day by day. We are blessed to be able to learn from their great example.

Equine Assisted Therapy In Action

Equine Assisted Therapy 1
Equine Assisted Therapy 2

I am a reiki Teacher, landmark education leader & driving instructor.
I found Amy to be a wonderful facilitator. She put me at ease and I had a real breakthrough when working with the horses.
I would recommend Amy wholeheartedly and her beautiful, magnificent horses.

~ John Peterkin, Cardiff ~

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