Horse Whispering

Connecting through Body Language, Focus and love

Horse Whispering Explained

Here at Whisper Horsemanship we offer you the chance to gain a true feel for horse whispering and explore the endless possibilities in this field..…

When it comes to communicating clearly, expressing ourselves freely and truly following our hearts, we can sometimes find ourselves compromised due to certain experiences we have had in our lifetime. This is also the same for horses who have found themselves in situations of ill treatment, have been misunderstood or are simply untouched by the human hand.

For those people and horses, the horse whispering experience can be a valued one, in many cases allowing a unique connection to be made. If you can lead yourself clearly and authentically the horse will know this and be sure to follow. If the horse doesn’t then it is their way of asking you for more….More self worth, love and compassion. It is then a great opportunity for you to do a self check, learn from the experience, find out how you are being and become aware of the horse’s needs whilst working with them.

Whisper horsemanship takes a non predatory approach where no submission is forced, along with having no expectations, no agendas or desires to achieve certain things. This opens an opportunity and creates a space where horse whispering can take place and a beautiful bond can grow organically in its most natural form.

The human ego is extra pressure for you and for the horse. It can hinder things greatly, be physically and emotionally tiring thus prolonging the gain of a calm, loving relationship that consists of mutual trust. This new incite can help you to find profound new ways of being genuine and true to yourself, your horse, your loved ones and all beings in general.

Connect with

Freedom of Expression

A large round pen, in which horse whispering mainly takes place, is a wonderful tool. It’s safe and horses are free to express themselves fully. It is important for you to give clear body language signals, clear boundaries and just be truly present to the horse and his or her re-actions.

Whilst working with horses in the round pen, Amy asks for a willing ‘lightness’ from them.

Lightness is an expression used when a horse chooses to focus on you and be freely and willingly moved around the pen in a safe and calm manner. For them to do this, shows that they are putting their trust in you, listening to your signals & beginning to want to connect with you at a deeper level.

True Connections

In nature horses are either leaders or followers, Alphas and Omegas. Whatever vital role they take within the herd, they are most definitely masters at leading themselves. Youngsters and horses integrating a new herd member are regularly seen practicing leadership activities.

Many people’s lives resemble that of leadership or fellowship. You can practice the natural ways of horses and use these techniques in your everyday life as well as enjoy a beautiful relationship with your horse.

  • Build relationships based on mutual trust & understanding.

  • Enhance awareness not only of yourself but of horses also

  • Fine tune skills of being present & observing.

  • Learn how to lead yourself assertively and authentically.

  • Enjoy being self expressed and creative.

  • Gain clarity on habitual ways of being.

  • Discover a whole new realm of possibility and awareness.

Horse Whispering In Action

Horse Whispering 1
Horse Whispering 2

I had an amazing experience with Amy & her beautiful horses. I was feeling apprehensive at first but Amy’s confidence in me made me relax & feel calm. I definitely felt a connection between myself & Prof (one of the horses) & was amazed & excited when I realised I could make him do things through the power of the mind. I came away feeling much more confident about myself & have since felt much calmer in my day to day life too. It was such a positive experience & I will definitely go & see Amy & her horses again!

~ Karen Williams, Dymock Gloucester ~

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