One to One Sessions and Group Bookings

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Whisper Horsemanship Offers Sessions That Are tailored To You And Your Specific Requirements

We offer private one to on sessions in hourly slots for your convenience. These sessions can cover Horse Whispering, Equine Assisted Therapy And Energy Healing. Whisper Horsemanship will consult with you beforehand to help you determine what options will be of the most benefit to you and tailor a session that works for you.

The Benefits of One to One Sessions: You may be the kind of person who prefers to work through, learn and experience things more privately? In a One to One Session, you will have the soul time, attention and support of Amy and the herd. This gives you the chance to experience the natural wonders of the horses all at your own pace, in a safe and peaceful environment.

The Benefits of Group Sessions: You may feel that sharing your experiences within a small group is great for support thus giving you the opportunity to witness, support and learn from other people’s journeys also. Some people find that bringing friends or family with them and book as a group helps to boost confidence as well.

The Majestic Soul Mirror

The Horse as the Majestic Soul Mirror gives you the opportunity to experience horses as the mirror to your soul that they so truly are. Receiving healing messages from horses could be a profound and transformative experience for you.

By taking part in some simple ground work exercises, you can begin to connect with horses and communicate intuitively, thus gaining the ability to observe and clarify their natural body language signals.

The instinctive, loving presence of a horse can assist you as you grow and develop personally. Their natural ways of being consist of pure authentic mastery. What’s more inspirational than the chance to be guided by horses towards a more fulfilling and empowered life for yourself?

The Natural Language of Horses

Take yourself on a discovery journey where the possibilities of horse-human relationships are endless. Horse Whispering is a popular emerging field; where the natural language of horses can be of great example to you, benefiting you, your relationships and the beloved horses in your life too.

Learn and practice exciting new body language techniques. Gain clarity, understanding and a profound new awareness not only of yourself, but also of the amazing authenticity that horses so instinctively embody.

Feel connected and experience them in their magnificent state of true self expression.

Heart Energy Connection

A truly grounding experience that offers you the chance to get in touch with your natural abilities. Tuning in to your heart and channelling energy can assist the healing process, thus encouraging the natural flow of energy towards perfect health and well-being. You can begin to help yourself, horses, animals, humans and all other beings with consistent heart energy expansion.

You can experience and learn many centring and grounding techniques in these sessions. Feel pure relaxation through meditation. Become one with nature and the horses. Enjoy the fresh air and fields. Share intuitive communication messages with the horses. Understand symbolism in Mother Nature’s environment.

A New Realm of possibility and Awareness

Whether you’re interested in pursuing a career with horses, animals and people or if it’s purely experiential for you? Either way, these sessions are an amazing way to feel the magic of horses and nature. Expand your knowledge, awareness and welcome transformation into your life.

No previous horse experience is necessary. The only need is for you to have an interest in people, horses, animals and nature.

Is It Time To Bring Into Your Life?

Pricing Structure

This pricing structure is based per a person, per hour; with a minimum booking of 1 Hour and a maximum of 4 hours. Whisper Horsemanship is also happy to welcome small groups of 2-4 people and offers flexible booking policies, such as a 10% discount if payment is received in full when booking a group session.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you and you’d like to arrange a free initial consultation then feel free to get in touch today. Contact Us for more details to discuss your requirements. Amy and the herd look forward to hearing from you.


  • 1 Hour:
  • £30
  • 2 Hours:
  • £50
  • 3 Hours:
  • £70
  • 4 Hours:
  • £90

Terms of booking:

To book a 1 hour session, payment in full is required.

For larger bookings payment in full is appreciated, but Amy does accept a 50% deposit to secure your booking and the remaining balance to be paid by the date of the appointment (no discounts will be applied if paying in installments).

The full payment (minus the deposit) is only refundable as long as 48 hours cancellation notice has been given.

The full payment and/or deposit can be transferred to an alternate re-scheduled date as long as again a minimum of 48 hours notice has been given.

Cancellations or missed sessions with less than 48 hours notice are non-refundable & non-transferable.

One to One and Group Sessions in Action

One to One Session
Group Session
One to One Session 2

Whisper Horsemanship has really opened my eyes to a whole new outlook on life, I am always open to new things especially anything horsey!! But when Amy Charles founder of The Horse’s Whisper asked me to take part in one of her equine assisted therapy and horse whispering sessions as a case study I jumped at the chance. Both sessions have allowed me to tune into a sense that I didn’t even know I had!! I have found this sense can also be applied to things going on in my life. I really can’t wait to see what Whisper Horsemanship can offer me for the future and show me more alternative healings!

~ Becky Perry, Herefordshire ~

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